Friday, 1 April 2016

Willy Nilly Friday & Reflections

 These will be the last of the photos I took at the Folk museum.
Hope you enjoy!

Below is the  Hand & Pen Orange Hall from Co. Monaghan. The Loyal Orange Order is a predominantly Protestant organisation promoting the 'glorious and immortal memory' of King William of Orange and his victory in Ireland in 1690 over his father in law James II.

The name Hand & Pen is curious but thought to relate to a local shop with a picture of a hand writing in a ledger.

I liked the reflection on the window and the slates. Note the stars on the ends of the eaves.

Lovely brickwork on the terrace houses with the corner shop in green, of course!

The interior of the corner shop was a fascinating array of old products, though you can buy the sweets from the large jars.  Spot any of your favourites?

Another great reflection in the window of the Kilkeel haberdashery shop.

The black barn where the willows are woven

Inside so many baskets and even a pig!

Saturday night the barn door!

A final look at the cobblestones and whitewashed buildings of the two-up two-down homes of the labourers.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. A lovely tour. Glad you invited me along to enjoy.

  2. Belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

  3. i have really, really enjoyed this tour! such great pictures, feel like i was right there with you! thank you for linking and have a wonderful weekend christine!

  4. Hello, wonderful tour of the folk museum. I love the willows and baskets. The reflections are pretty. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend.

  5. How delightful, the architecture is wonderful.

  6. This was a fascinating look back into time.

  7. Great photos of a fascinating place, dear Christine. It would be lovely to visit this museum. I especially liked the corner shop and the bicycle. Oh, those gentler days when things were done the proper way... :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend! xx

  8. Wonderful pictures!! I love the red trim in the second one. Neat to see all the goods lined up on the shelves and I love all the baskets.

  9. such neat old buildings and treasures. :)

  10. What a wonderful tour! I love the old buildings and goods lined up on the shelves. The willows ... I bet the baskets are wonderful. Happy Friday!

  11. Oh, yes, I have loved all of these. I wonder why we like old stuff. I always have...even when young.

  12. I love those shops with their lollies in the old fashioned jars.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  13. Awesome post--I enjoy the history you can learn from these places. The things they used and wore and worked with are amazing.

  14. I love the photo of the black barn and the willows. Lovely indeed!

  15. Wonderful photos! I loved the sheaves!

  16. great series of photos here!

  17. Nice reflection! This looks like a place that I'd like to visit.