Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday's Good Fences

Here are my photos for this
 Thursday's Good Fences link up with The Run*A*Round Ranch.

I am sharing some more of the photos I took whilst walking around the village of Hillsborough.

This gate is very striking with its bold, asymmetric pattern.  The archway was probably the old stable yard entry but now leads to private residences.

These next photos  are taken just around the corner in front of the former borough council offices.

you can just see the red brick building in behind the fence/hoarding which was a lovely old building a suited the character of Hillsborough, where most of the original buildings are from the Georgian era.

Typical of council bureaucracy, the offices have been left to languish and become an eyesore and someone has thought by erecting this hoarding fence scene in front of it, that it will be all better.

Abit like sticking a Band-Aid over a 6" gash...

The old post box is still in use :-)


Another angled view of the imitation fence hoarding...
Tell me what you think about this kind of fending... I'd love to read your views!

Thanks for joining me and here's the link for more Good Fences


  1. Hello, I like teh pretty arch and gate scene. It is a beautiful gate. I assume the mural and paintings are hiding something. Great finds, enjoy your day!

  2. Oh goodness, I do like it, of course in the right place, but each and every photo is very interesting. As for your first photo, I really do like that entrance, very lovely.

  3. sad about the buildings just sitting without use. i love the old post box!! and what a great gate!

  4. That gate is really cool, I like the unique pattern. - The fence in front of the old building is also pretty neat in it's own way. It's a shame about the building falling into disrepair but I do think the fencing is fun and different.

  5. The entrance gate is stunning . . .
    And the postal box in amongst the fence is wonderful . . .
    The fencing in front of the disrepair building I thought was quite clever . . .

  6. The gate in the arch is truly wonderful. I have to agree with you about the old building cover-up.

  7. I like the gate and the archway, but the 'fencing' in front of the building? Not so sure about that. Over here this is the type of fencing that they put around constructions areas and is temporary. Are they going to be fixing up the building and maybe this is just a temporary measure? Here's hoping :)

  8. Hi Christine, Wow, this is a first for me. I've never seen a photographic fence before! Well, somebody really used their imagination here. :-) It actually looks pretty cool but how long can it last? Like DeniseinVA said in her comment, we sometimes see temporary walls around construction but usually they might have murals painted on them but I still haven't seen any with photos. The gateway in your first photo is a beauty and I love those old mailboxes! Thanks for sharing and for your kind comment on my blog.

  9. I think of those or view them as murals, and I LOVE them. Colorful, creative and usually so much prettier then what they are in front of, I think they are brilliant!!

    Additionally, I enjoyed seeing the post box, in red, very cool that it's still in use!!

  10. Hi Christine, this is very interesting and what wonderful art work. I really like this and brings a bit of beauty. Love the post box and the arched way gate.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, cm

  11. Beautiful entry. And love the red post box!!!

  12. Hello Christine!:) Well it's certainly better than seeing an eyesore, which I assume it is hiding, but it's a shame when buildings fall into disrepair. Love those old post boxes, and the entrance gate.

  13. Such beauty. You are really capturing it all! Maggie

  14. The gate in the first photo is amazing!