Thursday, 3 September 2015

Good Fences - Mourne Walls

 Time for another Thursday link up with Good Fences at the Run-a-round ranch.

I've more pictures to share with you of our recent hikes in the Mourne Mountains, this time from the west from Trassey near Bryansford Co. Down

It is a beautiful area of rolling hills and drumlins and small sheep farms and is renowned for its stone walls.

Below is a photo of our pathway leading into the mountains - it was a lovely day weatherise.

You can see these stone walls run over the hills for miles...

A beautiful panoramic view is a great reward as we climbed.

Thanks again for your company and please click on the image below to join in the fun and see more fun fences!

Hope you can follow and let me know you visited!



  1. Wow, gorgeous views of the countryside. I would love to visit there and see the sheep farms. Lovely photos, enjoy your day!

  2. I just love the old, dirty pathway with pebbles. I bet it is breathtaking everywhere you look!

  3. just gorgeous!!! love those old walls!

  4. I'm a big fan of stone walls! The countryside is lovely too.

  5. Imagine all the effort to create those, so long ago.

  6. HI Christine I love dry stone walls and the countryside around the Mournes. You asked in my post today, if this was the day of the sun this year!! Well as it happens, it did shine in Duublin that day but not in the north so we were very fortunate.

  7. Gorgeous country. Can you imagine hauling all those stones for those rock walls. Lots of work but the result is fabulous.

  8. love those stone fences/walls meandering over the green hills. That last view is awesome Christine.

  9. I love these stone walls, and what a beautiful area is this! I would love to take long walks there as well.

  10. what a beautiful feels a little lost in translation!!!