Friday, 17 March 2017

Here lies St Patrick

This sculpture of St Patrick greets the visitor to Downpatrick.

Lt's go inside the Cathedral...

On entering, the wonderful pipe organ is the main feature.

Simple elegant beauty and a magnificent stained glass window of the 12 disciples.

And of course a commemorative window depicting the life of Patrick in Ireland from shepherd boy to bishop.

It is believed that Patrick died on 17th March 461.
To the graveyard now at the side of the Cathedral lies the final resting place of Patrick and this tombstone, with ancient inscription.

Have a great day!

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  1. Mooi Christine, fraaie foto's van deze kerk, mooi zijnde gebrandschilderde ramen.
    Groetjes kees.

  2. wow, what a post!! i really enjoyed this...amazing photos! how incredible to see in person! thanks so much for linking up christine, have a great weekend :) is green beer a big thing over there on st patrick's day like it is here or is that just an american excuse to get drunk?!!

    1. It must be just an American thing! i don't think I've come across green beer though we are not drinkers. Sadly drinking does get out of control in some parades & areas, ironically enough in an area of Belfast known as The Holy Lands! From this afternoon, pubs & stores selling alcohol are closing early to try & curb the problem

  3. Hi Christine

    Beautiful pictures of the church
    Very nice stained glass windows.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  4. Perfect post for St. Patrick's day! Stunning images of this elegant church. The windows -- WOW! Happy Friday!

  5. Stunning Church! Bright & Modern . . . Patrick had a big Vision -
    What a Life - What a Dream - What a Gorgeous Place to Rest . . thank you

  6. in the US, St Patrick's Day is a time to drink green beer.

  7. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing all these great photos and history. Amazing stained glass windows. I love the door into the cathedral. Hope you have a great weekend Christine.

  8. wonderful pictures of thee beautiful church

  9. Thanks so much for post all of this about St. Patrick. These have been wonderful posts.

  10. A beautiful church inside and out. Wow that is the oldest tombstone I've ever seen.
    A Happy St Patrick's Day to you. 🍀

  11. It is so lovely inside that church, Christine!

  12. A very informative post Christine. The cathedral is gorgeous and I never knew Saint Patrick was buried there. I would like to see that someday.

  13. Now that's a meaningful St. Patrick's Day post! Didn't know about the three saints together. After visiting Iona twice, St. Columba is my hero.

  14. We honoured the day by going to a favourite restaurant to raise a pint and east some corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. I toasted my great grandfather who ventured away from his Irish home to cross the ocean and start a new life in Canada and then continued on down to the States. - Margy

  15. Amazing pics.Thanks for the informative post.

  16. Really beautiful church, both inside and outside.