Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday Critters - Sheep

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This week I am sharing photos I took on our next ramble in the Mournes in Northern Ireland where there are sheep roaming freely and even a family of Highland cattle.

The sheep are not bleeding from attacks or injuries as my kids first thought! Its the shepherd's identification mark for his flock.

This one seemed to be playing Hide and Seek! It popped up from behind the rock!

My favourite capture of the sheep.  Chewing the Cud on a heather bed.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mountainside Fences

Welcome to another Thursday Good Fences link up with TexWisGirl.

I'm sharing one of our summer hikes in the Mournes - the mountain range in Northern Ireland.  We start off at sea level...

...and begin the climb far so good as there is blue sky and sunshine.

A granite marker to inform hikers of the Mourne Wall which runs over the major peaks in the range.

We stopped for a breather and a view back down towards the coast... so far, so good!

There are sheep roaming the mountainside and so the farmers have fences of barbed wire to keep sheep in and ramblers out!

Heavy rainfall has taken its toll on the hillside here...

The view along the fence line upwards and notice the clouds are grey now, so there must be rain coming!

But half an hour later the showers were past and as we returned to the car park we squeezed through a wooden stile.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Swan Lake

 Swans are the most graceful birds.  I took these couple of pictures of the swans on the lake at Hillsborough Forest park, where there are quite a few breeding pairs.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Weekend Reflection

Weekend Reflection

Sharing a photo I took in May when visiting Hillsborough Castle and gardens.  The lake reflects the village across the way with the cathedral steeple rising in the midst.


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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Good Seaside Fences

 Hi! Welcome to my new blog especially for posting photos of my trips and outings in the lovely countryside of Northern Ireland and sometimes even farther afield!

Some of you might have visited my first blog, Preferably Prim, about my crafts and stitching hobbies, but it was going in all directions, hence why I decided to put similar interests in separate blogs.

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These are pictures taken earlier this week in Newcastle County Down along the promenade, with views of our beloved Mourne Mountains in the background. (More of those in future posts).

This first photo looks northward ... recently modernised stainless steel fencing...

This is south to the Mournes...

A little further along we cross the new bridge over the Shimna river

A new feature on the promenade was this 5 ft crab claw sculpture.  Fishing in the Irish Sea is a big industry along this coast.

As we left the promenade to head into town, I spied this beautiful wrought iron work railing.  I really liked the stars along the underside!  Click to enlarge.

A very lovely morning for a seaside stroll. Hope you enjoyed! 

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